Sacred Heart Canossian College 150th Anniversary Album

.     Track

      1. SHCC School Song - 150th Anniversary Version  (Official  Version)

      2. Edward Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance – Military March No.1, Opus 39

      3. 滾核桃

      4. 陕北民歌:山丹丹開花紅艷艷

      5. Ruth Watson Henderson: Come, Ye Makers of Song

      6. John Rutter: A Clare Benediction

      7. Spiritual: Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit

      8. 福建民歌: 採茶

      9. Lajos Bardos: Magos a rutafa

      10. 梁祝 - 弦樂四重奏 The Butterfly Lovers – String Quartet

      11. 古曲: 將軍令

      12. Mark Hayes: Credo

       produced by Anthony Cheng & Mattx X. @ takumiworks
       recorded by Andrew Lau @ ZiON SOUND
       mixed by Anthony Cheng @ takumiworks
       production: TAKUMI WORKS LTD
       CD designed by Edith Tsang @ Bubbles Creations

       recorded live in August 2010 at SHCC Hall, Hong Kong


推出日期: 2010年12月18日

出版商: SHCC

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